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Thanks to the commitment of many people we have managed to achieve long-term and stable cooperation with our business partners on the African and Asian markets, which in turn helped us in the development of the proposed range for these countries, through raised their demand for single elements. Clothing “on Africa,” we gain by buying clothing to shop with retailers and wholesalers who did not sell in Poland. The offer sent to African countries sort of clothing under the contract belong to the category summer clothes.

Due to the fact that the standards of the African market are becoming more strict, only a small portion of used clothing suitable for further selection. When sorting followed by selection in accordance with the requirements set forth by each customer, allowing for the sale of not getting things out of specification.



A wide range of clients provides us with prospects for further development and provides a high quality of offered goods. In Western countries, consumers are more willing to give used clothes for environmental reasons, textile recycling is a method of re-use or processing of clothing, various fibrous materials and scraps of clothing from the manufacturing process. Garments which are most often get rid of this waste, unnecessary or damaged clothing. The adoption of our waste is confirmed by the Charter Waste Transfer.