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25.05 planowana dostawa ANGLIA, SZWAJCARIA 6,5 zł/kg

21.05 rozładunek Szwecja zbiórki Sztokholm


zamówienia i kontakt ->

lato + zima

22.05 w dostawie CREAM LATO

kolorowe sukienki, tuniki, spodenki....


Torebki używane angielski mix 27 zł/kg

Zalando mix torebki 30 zł/kg

Pierre-Etienne torebki outlet 40 zł/ sztuka

w dostawie FAMILY DZIECKO wiosna-lato 35 zł/kg


pakiet 5 kg

BRICK-A-BRACK paleta ok 100 kg

cena 7,50 zł/kg

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About company
About company

The company Textil Trade is the only one in Poland, from the very beginning of its activities (dating back to 1989.) Introduced innovative solutions in trade and distribution of goods – which is used clothing.

Self sorting line will satisfy the most demanding customers. Close cooperation with foreign suppliers allows us to maintain a high level of service and very good quality used clothing.

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We work with major European distributors and producers of many fashion brands. The next stage of development of the company is to create a department CLOTHING OUTLET. We tried to make the goods meet the expectations of our customers and delighted a large selection to thanks everyone can find with us what you need.

Duży Hurt
Big Hurt

Our offer is addressed to customers throughout the country as well as abroad. Do you want to constantly expand the offer and adapt it to the needs of its customers? You are looking for a competitive price? The richer offer, the more satisfied customer! Every customer is treated individually. Us apart not only attractive prices and original goods, but also frequent deliveries which allows our customers to create an interesting, always current offer without leaving home.